Our Songs (2017 – 2024)

Here are all our songs. We hope you like the little stories behind our songs. Feel free to read the lyrics.

Songs 2024

Abuse of Hospitality

VÖ 29.02.2024

We humans often forget that everything that is here on earth does not belong to us. Even worse, we ignore the laws of nature and ignore them. As if what we destroy would always grow back and renew itself. But it doesn’t…

Songs 2023

The Ocean

I think everyone has been to the sea and felt its endless expanse. For me the ocean is a symbol of freedom. If you can, try it out, for me it’s always a wonderful experience.

Songs 2022

Sex on the kitchenfloor

Songs 2021

A cold day

A very sad event gave rise to the melody. Then the singing and the lyrics came along, the feeling that arose was pure sadness and longing for a dear person that I had thought I would lose.

Broken Arrow

Powerful song with punk attributes

Songs 2020

songs cover standstill


From our point of view, a standstill should not be rated as bad.

On the contrary, when we notice that we can’t go any further, we try to stand above things in our minds. Like a bird in the wind that can see everything high above.

As a child, I had often experienced this condition, also in my later life. Through the spiritual liberation from the views and values of others, I was able to gather strength and courage.

What could be nicer than flying … hence the desire to do so.

It is like it is

The song it is like it is abbreviate the saying „it is the way it is, otherwise it would be different“. These were the words to me from a good friend of mine.

The message of the song is that things are happening positively and negatively. You can’t change anything about it, it’s up to you to recognize and understand this. The more you allow things happen, the more you will find peace.

Finding and feeling satisfaction in oneself is the guide for us to be happy and strong, because fate is merciless whether we want or not.

songs cover it is like it is

Songs 2019

songs cover happy


Sometimes things happen, you are unhappy and you cannot understand why this is happening. But at some point you know why. Yes and then you are just happy and grateful.

The children in the video show us a pure form of joy. We should remember our time as children more often and recapture a piece of our own childhood.

She’s not a gooder

Vivian’s personally story:

There aren’t very many encounters in life that just grab you. But when they happen you can’t help it. Either you turn away or you reach out and help.

The song is dedicated to three very loved ones. Loni, Rudi and Jacky.

They needed help and we were there, by chance or destiny, who knows exactly. A friendship arose from this that we will forever carry in our hearts.

It was precisely at this time that I had the brilliant idea of learning to play the guitar. My brilliant guitar teacher gave me these chords as homework.

When I was practicing at home Jacky (a little wire-haired mongrel) listened to my playing. I saw his calm reaction and I knew that this song was perfect. The band recognized that immediately and that’s how the song finally came about.

songs cover shes not a gooder

Songs 2018

songs cover love and peace

Love and Peace

Memories of the past few days. Sadness, fear and horror spread. The evil struck. But there is something stronger than evil, love and belief in good. Not fear but love should rule on earth.


The song stop tells about the dilemma I love you and you love me. In the beginning everything about the other is great. Sometimes being in love doesn’t last long, after a short time one begins to criticize the other, to bend and that usually goes wrong.

Within seconds it happens that you fall in love, an illusion has been awakened, the magic moment. You see or feel something in the other. If this is not confirmed after a certain time, then you try to bend the other. For us love means much more to be like who or what you are and to feel good about yourself.

The greatest happiness on earth to have someone by your side who loves exactly that about you. I think everyone was or is in such a situation, we have already experienced it ourselves …

songs cover stop

Songs 2017

songs cover twilight


Our first published song Twilight, which appeared in all major online platforms in May 2017, is supposed to tell the dimension of love, a separation song with a happy ending in a different way…. How did someone write: Twilight it is another dimension: A dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. A land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas.