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We found each other 4 years ago. The band name is derived from ad hoc [at hɔk] (Latin for „to this, for this“). The latin phrase means „made for this moment“ or „appropriate to the matter“.

Our practice room and the studio in which the songs are recorded are located in the beautiful middle franconian town Hilpoltstein. We musicians have all been on the road in different areas of music and can therefore implement all of our experience we have gained in our own songs and set creative elements.

Of course we can also be experienced live. Our own songs are usually created in simple situations. The lyrics are not political or offensive, we write what moves our hearts and souls. The bass and drums set the beat, the guitars let the melody flow, the keyboards give the harmony and the singing gives our songs the soul and heart.

ADHOC Members


Roli Portrait



Lead Vocalist


Backround Vocalist


Bass player


Domi Portrait

Rythm guitarist